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by Cbuild

Polefield Gardens is a new development by C Build, located in central Cheltenham. It consists of 3 detached contemporary houses, built to a high specification.


C Build are a passionate builder, who take great pride in combining quality materials with modern techniques, using local labour with a mix of traditional skills and innovative products. Utilizing these techniques and the latest technology, C Build hold to their ethos for uncompromising, modern architecture, whilst maintaining zero carbon footprint. C Build aimed to ensure that the design and building processes were unobtrusive, with the end goal that the designers, builders and occupiers would be all be satisfied with the results.

Tim McGrath, owner of C Build, had distinct design goals in mind for a contemporary look and feel. He gave PCS control over the specification process. This allowed us to draw on our wide range of manufacturers and achieve the desired aesthetic within budget. The final specification included Duravit, Vado and Merlyn products.

The project was completed in early 2017, with our supply ending in late 2016. The properties opened for viewings shortly after, which quickly became booked up.

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