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Design, technology & innovation have always been at the very heart of Teuco & central to the DNA of the brand.

Founded in Italy in 1972, Teuco’s unrivalled know-how in the field of master-moulding continues to create instantly recognisable products like the iBORDI bathtub & STILE steam shower. Iconic items such as the ‘Round’ multi function shower (MoMA, NY) & ‘Seaside’ lounger bath, the first multi-zonal product of its kind, have confirmed the company’s reputation as undisputed leaders in the art of the Private/Home-Spa. The development of Teuco’s unique solid-surface material, Duralight® now means they can also offer the ultimate in project design versatility since it can be manufactured in mono-bloc forms of any shape, size or thickness … attributes exploited in recent works by the likes of Renzo Piano, Matteo Nunziati, Nigel Coates & Ron Arad.


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